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Genealogy Guide: Holocaust Research

Holocaust Research

More than 70 years after World War II ended, people continue to search for information about relatives and loved ones who disappeared or were killed during the Holocaust.  Others wish to learn about relatives who may have survived and, if so, where they or their descendants might be living today.  This Research Guide provides a basic outline of resources available for investigating the Holocaust, with a focus on where to find information about the victims and the camps, as well as the survivors and their testimonies.

Starting Your Search

Begin by interviewing family members.  Try to identify as precisely as possible the names, birthplaces, and last known whereabouts of the people you would like to trace.  There is no single list of victims and survivors.  The search requires patience and perhaps a great deal of research.  Armed with as much information as you can find, begin your search on the large international databases of victims and survivors.

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