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About CJH

The Center for Jewish History illuminates the history, culture, and heritage of the world's Jewish communities by providing a collaborative home for five partner organizations and their archival collections

Our Research Guides

Our Research Guides are written by the Center's archivists and librarians, who are dedicated to providing access to our partner's collections both in person and online.

We hope that you find these simplified access points to archives, library volumes, digital collections, tips for independent genealogical research, and links to our educational outreach workshops helpful to every part of your research journey. 

Help Us Improve CJH Research Guides!

We are constantly updating the format and content of our Research Guides so that they can grow along with our collections and your needs. We need YOUR input to help us make our future guides better!

  • Assist future researchers by submitting a subject-specific list of archives and books you found useful during your visit
  • Suggest additions to existing guides
  • Let us know which guides you think we're missing and which ones you'd like to see next

Email us at with the subject line "CJH Research Guides" to submit your personal research lists, additions and ideas!

Your Friendly Librarians