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Genealogy Guide: United Kingdom and Ireland

Herman Moll's England and Wales Map

Herman Moll: The South Part of Great Britain called England and Wales, Containing all the cities, Market Towns, Boroughs, And whatever Places have ye Elections of Members of Parliament, with ye Names of ye Rivers, Seaports, Sands, Hills, Moors, Forests &c. All ye Great or Post Roads, and principal Cross-Roads &c. With ye Computed Miles from Town to Town, and all ye Post Towns as they are presently regulated by the Postmasters Gen'l. of the General Post House. J. Bowles, T. Bowles, Philip Overton & John King, London, c. 1740.


Herman Moll's Map of Scotland

Herman Moll: The north part of Great Britain called Scotland: with considerable inprovements and many remarks not extant in any map, c.1726 (originally published 1714), via Wikimedia Commons

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