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Genealogy Guide: Galicia

Brief History

Galicia is a former province of the Austro-Hungarian Empire that resulted when the former kingdom of Poland was divided between Austria, Prussia, and Russia starting in 1772. When the AustroHungarian Empire was dissolved after World War I, Galicia became part of the newly constituted republic of Poland. Today, it is contained within the borders of Poland and Ukraine. The western part of Galicia was largely Polish speaking and the eastern part of the province was largely Ukrainian speaking. The capital of the province was Lemberg, now Lviv in Ukraine. In 1900 about 800,000 Jews, 11% of the total population, lived in Galicia, mostly in the cities and towns where they comprised large fractions of the population.

Jewish family history research information for Galicia can be found in the Poland and Ukraine Research Guides on the Center for Jewish History Genealogy Institute website. An excellent resource for family history research is the Galicia Special Interest Group (SIG) on the Jewish Gen website. The SIG is run by Gesher Galicia. Members of Gesher Galicia receive a quarterly journal (The Galitzianer), the Gesher Galicia Family Finder, and Gesher Galicia sponsors a number of research activities. The website also contains an excellent, detailed history of Jews in Galicia, The Jews of Galicia Under Austrian-Polish Rule, 1867-1918 by Peter Wrobel.

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