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Collection Guide: Oral Histories

Hadassah Oral Histories

Hadassah oral history collection tapes

About this Guide

This guide was created to highlight various archival collections and books from each of the Center's five partner institutions that consist of oral histories about the Jewish experience in a variety of contexts. The field of oral history has gained popularity in the last fifty years alongside the increase in popularity of people's history or social history. Oral histories have been a prevalent method for capturing the experiences of holocaust survivors, as well as those of various Jewish movements and organizations in the US and abroad. 

If you are interested in a collection or library item you do not see highlighted in this guide, please visit, where you can search by keyword, name, title, subject or call number. 

Our Partners

For more information on the Center's partners, please click below for their organizational websites:

Research at the Center

The Center for Jewish History provides a collaborative home for five partner organizations and their collections, whereby each partner preserves a different facet of world Jewry. The collections and library materials found in our stack spaces can be accessed by requesting materials via our online catalog and visiting the Lillian Goldman Reading Room to conduct research.

In addition to providing access to archival and rare library materials in our Reading Room, the Center also houses the Ackman & Ziff Genealogical Institute, where you can use databases and consult with genealogy librarians to uncover more about your family's history.

The Center’s expert librarians, archivists, conservators, and information specialists are leaders in preserving and highlighting archival material for a wide audience through the latest practices in digitization, library science, and public education. Besides being one of the world’s foremost research institutions, the Center also offers a wide array of symposia, conferences, lectures, and museum exhibitions directly related to the collections available for public research.