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Subject Guide: Jewish Nobel Prize Laureates

Archival and library highlights found at the Center relating to Nobel Prize winners throughout history.

23rd Universal Peace Congress in Berlin, 1924. Photographer unknown. AR 1583/F 82607. LBI.


Some of the laureates featured in our collections:

Menachem Begin

  • The 1978 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded jointly to Begin and Mohamed Anwar al-Sadat "for jointly having negotiated peace between Egypt and Israel in 1978."
  • Archive highlights:
    • Howard Lenhoff Papers (P-902) [Collection is partially digitized and available online.]
      • This collection contains multiple folders concerning interactions between Lenhoff and other members of the American Association for Ethiopian Jews and then-Prime Ministers of Israel Menachem Begin. 
    • Louis E. Shecter, papers (P-165)
      • This collection contains a folder of correspondence between Shecter, a Jewish American advertising executive, art collector, and former president of the local branch of the American Jewish Congress, and Begin. 
  • Library highlights:

René Cassin

Alfred Hermann Fried 

Eliezer "Elie" Wiesel

  • The 1986 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded awarded to Wiesel "for being a messenger to mankind: his message is one of peace, atonement and dignity."
  • Archive highlights:
    • Elie Wiesel (MS 504) [Collection is digitized and available online.]
      • Lecture by Elisabeth Müller about Elie Wiesel, held on October 9, 1995 at the "Akademie der aelteren Generation" in Freiburg. 
    • [Prof. Saul Lieberman] (AR 4426) [Collection is digitized and available online.]
      • Speech given by Weisel to introduce rabbi and Jewish scholar Saul Lieberman on February 13, 1977 at the luncheon of the Histadruth Ivrith-HADOAR.
    • Leonard Fein Papers (P-582)
      • This collection contains correspondence related to Fein's career while editor-in-chief and publisher of Moment magazine, including correspondence with Wiesel. 
  • Library highlights: