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Subject Guide: Jewish Nobel Prize Laureates

Archival and library highlights found at the Center relating to Nobel Prize winners throughout history.

Nelly Sachs smelling a bouquet of rose, 1966. AR 3991/F 13744. LBI


For a list of all the Nobel Prizes in Literature:

Elfriede Jelinek 


Nadine Gordimer 


Nelly Sachs 


Paul Heyse

  • Heyse was a distinguished German writer and translator. A member of two important literary societies, the Tunnel über der Spree in Berlin and Die Krokodile in Munich, he wrote novels, poetry, 177 short stories, and about sixty dramas. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1910 "as a tribute to the consummate artistry, permeated with idealism, which he has demonstrated during his long productive career as a lyric poet, dramatist, novelist and writer of world-renowned short stories." 
  • Paul Heyse Collection 1878-1910
  • Portrait of Paul Heyse


Boris Pasternak

  • Pasternak was a Russian poet, novelist, and literary translator. In his native Russian, Pasternak's first book of poems, My Sister, Life (1917), is one of the most influential collections ever published in the Russian language. As a novelist, Pasternak is also known as the author of Doctor Zhivago (1957), a novel which takes place between the Russian Revolution of 1905 and the Second World War. 
  • Pasternak, a Russian Jew, won the prize in 1958. After intense pressure from Soviet authorities he was pressured to decline it.
  • Pasternak, B. (1976). Lydia Pasternak Slater Letter.​


Shmuel Yosef Agnon


Elias Canetti