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Genealogy Guide: Austria

Resources at the Center for Jewish History

CJH’s online catalog may be accessed at   The Center has many archival resources for Austria that may be helpful as background material for family history research or for researching specific families, including memoirs and biographies, photographs, oral histories, family papers, and the records of various Jewish organizations and communities.  Most of these resources are part of the collections of the Leo Baeck Institute, which is dedicated to the history of German-speaking Jews in Europe.  Many of these resources have been digitized and are available online. You may search for a family name or ancestral town within the Leo Baeck Institute’s digital collections at

Archival Collections

Vital Records of the Jewish Community of Vienna Collection
The Leo Baeck Institute holds the complete microfilmed collection (112 microfilm reels) of birth records (1826-1938), circumcision records (1870-1914), marriage records (1857-1938) and death records (1826-1931) from the Israelitische Kultusgemeinde Wien, with accompanying indexes.*
Leo Baeck Institute  MF 548

* Viennese Jewish birth, marriage, and death records, 1784-1911, may be viewed (but NOT searched) online at


DP Camps in Austria, 1945-1951 
Included are lists of displaced person camp residents, search lists and individual case files. You may view a finding aid to this collection at
YIVO Archives  RG 294.4


Austrian Heritage Collection [audio recordings]
The link below will take you to the CJH’s Digital Collections, where you will find over 750 oral histories of Austrian-Jewish émigrés who fled to the USA during the Nazi years, recorded by Austrian volunteers at the Leo Baeck Institute.

Reference Books

Atlas of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, 1892. Bountiful, Utah: Thomsen's Genealogical Center, 1990.
Genealogy Institute  DB 906.75 .A76 1990


Brugger, Eveline, et. al. Geschichte der Juden in Österreich [History of the Jews in Austria]. Wien: Überreuter, 2013. German.
Leo Baeck Institute st 6612


Burmeister, Karl Heinz. Die Entwicklung der Hohenemser Judengemeinde [The Development of the Hohenems Jewish Community]. Hohenems: Marktgemeinde Hohenems, 1975. German.
Leo Baeck Institute  DS 135 A92 H64 B8


----. Die Personenstandsregister des Rabbinates fuer Tirol und Voralberg (1769-1890) [Registers of Persons in the Rabbinates of Tirol and Vorarlberg (1769-1890)]. Wien, 1970. German.
Leo Baeck Institute  DS 135 A92 T9 B8


Feiertag, Andreas, et al. Stein zu Stein: Juedische Friedhoefe in Oesterreich [Stone to Stone: Jewish Cemeteries in Austria]. Weitra: Bibliothek der Provinz, 2009. German.
Leo Baeck Institute  f 90


Gaugusch, Georg. Wer Einmal War: Das Jüdische Grossbürgertum Wiens 1800-1938 [Who Was Who: The Jewish Upper Class of Vienna, 1800-1938]. 2 vols. Wien: Amalthea, 2011 and 2016. German. 
Leo Baeck Institute (Vol. 2, L-Z)  CS 516 J4 G38 *

*You may search an index of this book at (free registration required).


Gold, Hugo. Gedenkbuch der Untergegangenen Judengemeinden des Burgenlandes [Memorial Book for the Extinct Jewish Communities of the Burgenlands]. Tel Aviv: Olamenu, 1970. German.  
Leo Baeck Institute   DS 135 A9 G64


----. Geschichte der Juden in Oesterreich: Ein Gedenkbuch [History of the Jews in Austria: A Memorial Book]. Tel Aviv: Olamenu, 1971. German.

Reading Room   DS 135 A9 G65


----. Geschichte der Juden in Wien: Ein Gedenkbuch [History of the Jews in Vienna: A Memorial Book]. Tel-Aviv: Olamenu, 1966. German.

Reading Room   DS 135 A92 V5 G62


Keil, Martha. Denkmale: Jüdische Friedhöfe in Wien, Niederösterreich und Burgenland [Monuments: Jewish Cemeteries in Vienna, Lower Austria and the Burgenlands]. Wien: Club Niederösterreich, 2006. German.

Leo Baeck Institute   st 7952


Lind, Christoph. Kleine Jüdische Kolonien: Juden in Niederösterreich 1782-1914 [Small Jewish Colonies: Jews in Lower Austria 1782-1914]. Wien: Mandelbaum Verlag, 2013. German.

Leo Baeck Institute   st 3227 v.3.1


Obermayer-Marnach, Eva. Österreichisches Biographisches Lexikon, 1815-1950 [Austrian Biographical Dictionary, 1815-1950]. Graz: Verlag von Hermann Böhlaus Nachf. (vols. 1-5) and Vienna: Verlag Oesterreichische Akademie der Wissenshcaften (vols. 6-14), 1957-2015.   14 vols. German.

Reading Room   CT 913 O_35 *

* You may search for a name in this book at


Röder, Werner, et al. Biographisches Handbuch der Deutschsprachigen Emigration nach 1933 [International Biographical Dictionary of Central European Emigres 1933-1945]. Muenchen and New York: K.G. Saur, 1980-1983. 3 vols.  Vol. 1 German, Vol. 2 English, Vol. 3 German and English.

Reading Room   CT 1053 B56*

* You may search for a name in this book in the database “National Socialism, Holocaust, Resistance, and Exile 1933-1945” (available free on-site at the Center for Jewish History).

Skyte, Thea, et al. A Guide to Jewish Genealogy in Germany & Austria. London: Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain, 2001.

Genealogy Institute   CS 614 .G85 2001


Verband Deutscher Archivarinnen und Archivare E.V. Archive in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Ősterreich und der Schweiz [Archives in the Federal Republic of Germany, Austria and Switzerland]. Muenster: Ardey-Verlag, 2002. German.

Reading Room  CD 941 A71 2002