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Genealogy Guide: Argentina

Genealogical Data

These sources contain information about Jewish individuals and families in Argentina:

Latin America, Central America, West Indies HIAS & HICEM Main Offices, NY. Latin America, Central America, West Indies 1921-1949. New York: This information is on microfilm. Request the Finding Aid at the Lillian Goldman Reading Room reference desk. Most of the correspondence covers helping refugees during the WWII period. Case files are restricted—permission to study them must be granted by the YIVO Archivist. YIVO Archives  RG 245.4.13

Delegación de Asociaciones Israelitas Argentinas. 50 Años de Colonización Judía en la Argentina . Buenos Aires: [Imprenta "Sarmiento"], 1939. The index of this book lists 800 people who arrived in Argentina on August 14, 1889 on the “Weser.” American Jewish Historical Society  F 3021 .J5 D4

Guía Anual Israelita. Buenos Aires, Argentina: Editorial Promoción, [1946]. Telephone directory of Buenos Aires Jewish community. YIVO Library 000119236

Lewin, Boleslao.  Cómo Fue la Inmigración Judía en la Argentina. Buenos Aires: Plus Ultra, 1983. Jewish colonization from New Christians and crypto Jews (late 1500s) through the establishment of agricultural colonies by Baron Hirsch. It lists names of prominent Jewish families. YIVO Library 000093531

Pulido, José Garcia. Chaco Crisol de Razas-Homenaje a los Inmigrantes y sus Descendientes: Pioneros de Progreso. Resistencia: Casa García, 1981. Includes genealogies of prominent Jews, with a table of contents listing family names. American Jewish Historical Society  F2876 .G27

Saban, Mario Javier.  Judíos Conversos: Los Antepasados Judíos de las Familias Tradicionales Argentinas. Buenos Aires, Argentina: Editorial Distal, 1990. This book traces the immigration of converted Jews from Portugal to Argentina and Brazil. It contains over one hundred pages of genealogies.
American Jewish Historical Society  F3001.9.J5 S23 1990 

General Information

Armony, Paul. “Argentina.” Avotaynu Guide to Jewish Genealogy. Ed. by Sallyann Amdur Sack & Gary Mokotoff. Bergenfield, NJ: Avotaynu, 2004,  p. 205-211. Genealogy Institute  CS21 .A98 2004

Armony, Paul. “Immigrants to Argentina Listed as Baron de Hirsch Colonists.” Avotaynu . 23.2 (Summer 2007):19-21. Genealogy Institute Periodicals

Avni, Haim.  Argentina & the Jews: a History of Jewish Immigration. Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press, c1991.
American Jewish Historical Society  F3021.J5 A94613 1991

Elkin, Judith Laikin. The Jews of Latin America. 3rd ed. Boulder, Colorado: Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2014.  
American Sephardi Federation  F1419.J4 E44 2014

Feierstein, Ricardo. Comunidad Judía de Buenos Aires 1894-1994: AMIA 100 Años. Buenos Aires: MILA, 1996. YIVO Library  000088691 

Gerchunoff, Alberto. The Jewish Gauchos of the Pampas. Albuquerque : University of New Mexico Press, 1998. YIVO Library  000097880

Kleiner, Alberto.  Atlas de los Territorios de la Jewish Colonization Association en Argentina y Brazil, 1913-1941. [Buenos Aires?] : Libreros y Editores del Polígono, [1983]. American Jewish Historical Society HD1516.A7 K5 

Liebman, Seymour.  The Inquisitors and the Jews in the New World: Summaries of Procesos, 1500-1810 and bibliographical guide. Coral Gables, FL.: University of Miami Press, [1975]. Reading Room F 1419 .J4 L52 1975

Malka, Jeffrey S. “South America.” Sephardic Genealogy. Bergenfield, NJ: Avotaynu, 2009, p. 268-272. Genealogy Institute CS66.J4 M35 2009

Merkaz Ha-ḥinukhi Ha-Sefaradi Bi-Yerushalayim. Sección Latinoamericana. Presencia Sefaradí en la Argentina. Buenos Aires, Argentina: Centro Educativo Sefaradí para Latinoamérica, 1992. American Sephardi Federation  F3001.9 .J5 P74 1992  

Moneke, Kirsten.  Die Emigration der Deutschen Juden nach Argentinien (1933-1945): Zur Rolle der Juedischen Hilfsverein. [Muenster]: St. Ingbert, Westfaelische Wilhelmsuniversitaet Muenster, Lateinamerika-Zentrum; Roehrig, 1993. Leo Baeck Institute  HV 640.5 .J4 M65

Nes El, Moshé.  Guía Biográfica del Judaismo Latinoamericano. Jerusalem: Ediciones Revista Oriente y Occidente, 1996.
Reading Room F 1419 .J4 N4 1996

Rabinowitz, Ann. “Clues for Finding South American Family, Part I.” Dorot, the Journal of the Jewish Genealogical Society (NY), 36.3 (Spring 2015): 1, 4-6. Genealogy Institute Periodicals

Saint Sauveur-Henn, Anne. Un Siecle D'emigration Allemande Vers L'Argentine, 1853-1945. Koeln: Boehlau, 1995. 
Leo Baeck Institute  F 3021 G3 S25 1995

Schwarcz, Alfredo José. Y a Pesar de Todo-- : Los Judíos de Habla Alemana en la Argentina. 1st ed. Buenos Aires, Argentina: Grupo Editor Latinoamericano, 1991. American Jewish Historical Society  F3021.J5 S35 1991

Toldot, the journal of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Argentina (1996-2008). Genealogy Institute Periodicals

Tsentral farband fun Galitsianer Yidn in Argentine. La Radicación en Argentia de Judíos Originarios de la Provincia Polaca de Galitzia. Buenos Aires: Farein fun Galitzianer Idn, 1986. Three volumes, in Yiddish with introduction in Spanish. Essays about various aspects of Jewish life in Argentina and Galicia, and photographs of community activists from Galicia, in Argentina. American Jewish Historical Society  F3021 .J5 U54

Tsentral farband fun Poylishe Yidn in Argentine. Cuadermos sobre la Inmigración de Judíos Polacos a la Argentina y a otros Paises de America del Sud. Buenos Aires: Union Central Israelita Polaca in la Argentina, 1985. Four volumes, in Yiddish. Essays about various aspects of Jewish life in Argentina and Poland, and photographs of organizational groups, past presidents, and community activities in Argentina.
American Jewish Historical Society  F3031 .J5 U5

Weisbrot, Robert. The Jews of Argentina from the Inquisition to Perón. Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society of America, 1979.
American Jewish Historical Society  F3021 .J5 W44 1979

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