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Subject Guide: New York History

Archival and library highlights found at the Center relating to New York City, its communities, history, and evolution.

Scene on Busy Street in New York City, 1933 ( I-7, AJHS)

New York City history

This LibGuide was created to highlight various archival collections and books from each of the Center's five partner institutions that celebrate the history, culture, and contributions of Jewish immigrants and New York City natives. If you are interested in a collection or library item you do not see highlighted in this guide, please visit, where you can search by keyword, name, title, subject or call number. 


Please feel free to email if you have any additional questions about the breadth of books, archival collections, and multimedia housed at the Center. 

New York City History and Today

We hope that these archival collections and library volumes highlight the importance of not only this phenomenal city we live in, but also those individuals who made this city what it is today. Much of our architecture, innovations, and even the food we eat all have roots in the accomplishments and ingenuity of the Jewish immigrants (and their current generations) that call this city home. 

The five partner organizations here at the Center for Jewish History hold dozens of collections and hundreds of books highlighting this city and those who traveled across continents, survived all odds, and contributed so much to their community and city at large. We hope by browsing this libguide you learn more about their achievements, our collections, and how to experience these materials for yourself, first-hand. 

Our Partners

For more information on the Center's partners, please click below for their organizational websites:

Modern Kosher meat market at 520 Grand Street, New York, 1933 (I-7, AJHS)