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Collection Guide: Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS)

Overview of the individual archival collections and library materials found at the Center relating to the HIAS organization and their activities.

Refugee Resources--Photographs, Maps. (Box 57, Folder 3, Image 10)

Archival Collection Overview

HIAS-HICEM Collection 1916-1944

The United HIAS Service was an international Jewish immigrant and refugee service formed in New York City in 1909. In 1927 HIAS joined the Jewish Colonization Agency to form HICEM. This collection is solely on microfilm.


  • Reports of HIAS-HICEM: February 3, 1936 (20p/French); January 12, 1937 (82p/French)


  • Letter: From the State Department to Mrs Larrie Chapmann Catt (March 12, 1934) -relating to German refugees.
  • Manuscript: 'The Possibilities of Emigration of German-Jewish Refugees to the Soviet Union'; 8p./typewritten, no author/date indicated.
  • Bulletin d'Information de la HIAS-JCA Emigration Association HICEM (May, 1936/8p).
  • HIAS activities in the US and Overseas Countries: Annual Message and Reports, 1936.
  • Anglo-Jewish Conference at Woburn House (April 4, 1943).
  • Parliamentary Debates-House of Lords: Vol.126, No.41 (March 23, 1943) on "German Atrocities".
  • Daily News Bulletin by Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Friday, July 30, 1943/6p- "On Refugee Situation".
  • Newspaper-clipping: The Scotsman (May 25, 1944), "Refugees from Nazi Hangman".
  • Manuscript: "L'oeuvre agricole de la JCA de 1918 a 1939 (8p).
  • "Der Central-Verein deutscher Staatsbuerger juedischen Glaubens", Einrichtung, Art und Inhalt seiner Arbeit, Ms, 22p.
  • Union Swisse des Communautes Israelites: "Documentation Internationale. La Persecution des Juifs en Allemagne. Attitude des Eglises Chretiennes. (Ms.)
  • Voelkischer Beobachter (April 2, 1933): Extract from Goebbels'speech (in English).
  • Extract from article by Vernon Bartlett in 'The Listener', April 12, 1933.
  • Extract from the 'Voelkischer Beobachter' (April 13, 1933): 'Against the Un-German Spirit'.
  • Newspaper-clipping: 'The Times' (April 6, 1933): 'Jews in Germany'.
  • Ms.: Heinrich Fischer, 'Deutschland ueber alles' (1933/2p).
  • Letter: From Henrik Fischer to American Jewish Congress (April 21, 1933.
  • Report: 'The Jewish Question regarded statistcally' (1933/14p).
  • Ms.: Prof.Cohn, 'The Legal Position of the Non-Aryans in Germany'. (15p)
  • Ms.: N. Bentwich, 'The Political Position of the Jews in Germany and action at the League of Nations'. (5p)
  • References to Anti-Jewish Decrees (4p).
  • Report om Nazi Propaganda (January 30, 1934), 14p.
  • Memorandum of the Information Department (March 7, 1934) on 'Situation of Jews in Germany', 7p.
  • Streicher Meeting at Dortmund on June 30, 1934 (5p).
  • Documents and paper-clippings on the persecution of Jews in Germany.
  • Ms.: 'Jewish Life in Nazi Germany (20p).
  • Ms.: 'German Jewry 1941 (3p).
  • The Central British Fund for German Jewry.
  • Statement of James G. Mc Donald on Jewish Refugees. (12p)
  • HICEM: Documents relating to Jewish Refugees (in French).
  • Ms.: 'Die Folgen der Nuernberger Gesetze', Denkschrift des Informationsdienstes Deutschland, 15p.
  • Conference for the Assistance of the Transients, June 14, 1932. (4p)
  • Report: Activity of HICEM in favor of German Refugees (March 1933-October 1934).


  • Jewish Telegraphic Agency: Bulletins to Jewish Refugees (1933).
  • Rapport: Sur la situation des refugies juifs...
  • Jewish Community, Vienna: Emigration, Retraining, Social Life.
  • Report: Bericht ueber die Taetigkeit des Hilfskomitees im Jahre 1940.
  • Report: regarding the activities of Jewish Refugees Committee and affiliated committees covering the period January, 1 to December 31, 1936, and same report for 1938.
  • Monthly Report Refugees Comittee (July/August 1936).


  • HICEM: Statistical documents relating to Jews in Germany (1936).
  • HIAS-JCA: Documents relating to activities in 1936.
  • Hilfsverein: French resume regarding activities in 1936.
  • HICEM-HIAS-Hilfsverein: Documents 1936/1937.
  • Council For German Jews: Minutes of meeting on March 19, 1936.
  • Case files, reports and correspondence of HIAS-HICEM.


HIAS-ICA Emigration Association HICEM Collection, 1933-1943, circa 1979.

This collection consists of the records of the HIAS-ICA Emigration Association HICEM, an organization that supported the emigration of European Jews. It was created in 1927 by the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), the Jewish Colonization Association (ICA), and Emig-Direkt. Materials include minutes, correspondence, administrative records, and reports on the situation of Jews in various parts of Europe. This collection has been digitized. For links to digitized material, please view the finding aid HERE.